For my 13th birthday I begged an pleaded for a camera from my parents.  I had tons of ideas and and a love for saving moments of time.  My birthday came and I was given a box from my parents.  It was heavy and solid and to me felt like just what I wanted.  I impatiently opened it tearing the box apart to get what was inside but to my surprise it was a camera just not a real one.  My parents thought it would be extremely funny to get me a old fake Fisher Price, baby toy, camera.  I was all but pleased.  My mother then reached under the table giving me another box which I opened in the same manner and this time it was a real camera and this began my exploration of photography.

It wasn't until my youngest son Andrew was born and my wife wanted to take him to one of the chain stores to have him photographed that I decided to show her what I could do.  I purchased my very first digital SLR camera from an excellent photographer and ver good friend of mine Wendy.  I took Andrew outside in my backyard, dialed in my aperture and shutter speed and came in with the results.  My wife Gina was so pleased that she inspired me to take my photography to the next level and share it with all who knew the value of saving a moment in time.  It was through her love and support that Frederick West Photography was born.